Priyanka on the cover of Hair

Last Updated: Wed, Jun 04, 2008 09:39 hrs

Going by the current trend and frequency at which Bollywood heroines are adorning the covers of major magazines, the day is not far when fashion models will run out of work.

The latest star to pose as 'cover girl' is Priyanka Chopra, for the magazine Hair. She recently underwent some tress-stress while shooting for her forthcoming film Love Story 2050. Her black tresses had to be coloured red and then back to black again. To combat the damage, Priyanka went in for a new haircut.

Hair gives readers an insight into Priyanka's new glam hairstyle and hair care. It says that when Priyanka has a day off, she likes her hair away from her face and loves to wear it loose. The actress’ hair-advice to readers is to not blow-dry unless absolutely necessary and to drink lots of water.

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