PSY, creator of Gangnam Style, answers questions from the Internet

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 25, 2012 11:01 hrs

PSY, the South Korean rapper, who made the incredibly successful viral hit Gangnam Style, has done an AMA on the social networking website

What is an AMA? Well, think of it as a crowdsourced interview where the interviewee is asked questions from anyone on the Internet. has been hosting AMAs (Ask me Anything) for years, but it achieved a real sense of legitimacy when President Barack Obama did one recently.

So, what did the Internet ask PSY?

To a question about what it was that people did not know about him, he replied that he composes all his music himself. And he chose a career in music because he always wanted to be in front of people.

It turns out that his inspiration is the legendary Freddie Mercury and a celebrity that he would like to meet would be Tom Cruise.

The man in the elevator who does a provocative dance is a famous South Korean comedian called Nong Chul and shooting the scene left everyone on set rolling on the floor laughing.

Since this was a semi-serious interview with questions coming in from all over the Internet, many of them referred to the scene in the video which shows PSY screaming at the rear end of a woman.

He revealed that this was his first time doing that, and the reason he seemed 'so mad' causing him to yell was because the lady's behind was 'so mad'. Was something lost in translation or is that a new way to make a lecherous comment? We're not sure.

The Internet thanks PSY for answering its questions and wishes him well. We look forward to his next maddeningly addictive song. Until then, Oppa Gangnam Style!

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