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Puli Vaal

Puli Vaal
Puli Vaal
G Marimuthu
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Puli Vaal revolves around the lives of two people- Karthik (Prasanna), a sauve, wealthy corporate honcho and Kasi (Vemal), a totally downmarket slum dweller working in a department story.

Karthik is engaged to Pavitra (Inaya) but is a having a roaring affair with his secretary Monica (Oviya), while Kathir is in love with his colleague and sales girl Selvi (Ananya).

Somehow their lives get intervened over a missing mobile phone of Karthik which comes into the hand of Kathir. It contains his steamy love making video with Monica. Then the ?catch me if you can? drama starts.

Director Marimuthu?s Puli Vaal is a remake of the Malayalam cinematographer turned director Sameer C Thahir Chappa Kurishu. It was an attempt to present a Hollywood style thriller, and is etched from Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu?s 21 Grams and a Korean film Hand Phone.

But somehow the wafer thin story of Puli Vaal and its making leaves you cold and detached. Everything looks too manipulative, and look and feel does not have a local nativity. The ending is also a tame affair.

The one silver lining in the film is the performance of Prasanna, as he catches your eye with a riveting performance in a difficult role. Vemal plays perfect foil while Oviya makes an impressive glamorous appearance. Thambi Ramaiah and Soori comedy track and one-liners engages for few moments but become tedious and boring after a while. Songs are hummable but acts as speed breakers.

Verdict - Average


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