Puli Varuthu

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 22 December 2007

Movie Title

Puli Varathu



Star Cast

Ramesh, Mallika Kapoor, Karnas

While provision has to be made for suspension of disbelief in popular entertainment; Puli Varuthu stretches beyond belief and endurance too and ends up as a big bore.

How do you digest a story where the hero Ramesh (Ramesh) an ordinary guy suddenly starts seeing things that are going to happen in the immediate future? Ramesh goes to a village for the wedding of a friend along with his buddy Karupusamy (Karunas) and he starts getting nightmarish dreams.

In his dreams he gets nightmares of his friend Karupusamy,s death due to a lorry accident, his falling in love with Chembakam (Mallika Kapoor) a village girl who is said to be unlucky and on his wedding day his father succumbing to a heart attack. Some of his worst dreams come true, while others are averted due to a scientific approach. At the end of it everybody lives happily ever after!

There is absolutely no script or any logic. The height of absurdity is the heroine as a child was in love with an eight year old model who appeared in an energy drink advertisement who later after many years turns out to be the hero! The acting is uniformly Z grade and there is nothing to recommend in the film.

At one point in the film Karnas mumbles; ?This is sanely insane, who wrote the script?? Quite right. It succinctly sums up this embarrassingly bad film and there?s absolutely no reason why you should torture yourself through this one.

Verdict: Avoidable

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