Puthukottayilirundu Saravanan

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 18 January 2004

Movie Title

Puthukottayilirundu Saravanan



Star Cast

Dhanush, Aparna, Karnas

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Puthukottayilirundu Saravanan is a wannabe road movie thriller, which merely gives the genre a bad name. Neither exciting nor absorbing the film is as hackneyed as they can get. The formulaic plot starts from Puthukotta, moves to Singapore and from there by road to Malaysia, Thailand, Burma and back to Kolkota in India! Phew, Director S.S.Stanley shows scant regard for sense or logic.

Saravanan (Dhanush) is a lower middle class guy from Puthukotta who is taken to Singapore by a manpower exporter to do menial construction work after paying Rs three lakhs. Saravanan?s dream is to make it big, pay back his father's debts and look after his parents back home. But everything goes haywire after he loses his passport in a melee with a Chinese guy and he ends up with the police hot on his trail.

He meets a rich girl Shalini (Aparna) and her uncle who is in trouble with some gangsters. He promises Saravanan money if he helps and takes her to India to her parents. How these two strangers go through hell travelling by road to India via Malaysia, Thailand and Burma forms the rest of this travelogue. They fall in love but part ways in the end after reaching Kolkatta only to meet each other after a year and to get united!

The basic problem with the film is that the screenplay goes haywire after the initial scenes of how Saravanan reaches Singapore. The director depends largely on Dhanush?s larger-than-life image to bail him out and as a result the story suffers. The songs, dances, and fights at regular intervals spoil the tempo of the film. The love between the lead pair is not at all convincing with both having a deadpan expression on their faces. Saravanan?s failing is that it presents the hero as a comic book superman fighting a one-man-army against six to seven Chinese goons after being introduced as a middle class village boy.

The songs tuned by Yuvan Shankar Raja are peppy though they look jarring and irritating at times. Dhanush has done his role with ease whether he is fighting like Bruce Lee or dancing like Michael Jackson. Newcomer Aparna has done a neat job though her looks are very mediocre. The film has striking resemblance to Aamir Khan-Pooja Bhat starrer Dil Hai To Manta Nahin, which itself was inspired from a Hollywood classic.

Stanley has also tried to make it very steamy with a lot of body display by Aparna and some crude intimate scenes picturised on the lead pair. The comedy of Karnas in a double role as twin brothers, a take-off on Ajit in Vaali is suggestive, vulgar and a big bore. In sum, the prolonged adventures of Saravanan are difficult to bear.

Verdict: Damp Squib

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