Questions raised against censors!

Last Updated: Tue, Oct 09, 2012 10:03 hrs

Now, the media and the social network fraternity seem to have finally woken up against the recently released film Trivandrum Lodge.

The film's provocative dialogues, under the guise of 'boldness', have been criticized by a considerable number of viewers. Many have been surprised on how the film managed to get a clearance from the censors.

A few months back there were strong protests from various quarters against Amal Neerad's Bachelor Party, which incidentally is a copy of Hong Kong director Johnnie To's 2006 film Exiled. 

One film magazine has written that scenarist Anoop Menon and director V K Prakash has made even the vulgarity in Bachelor Party look less harmful with Trivandrum Lodge
The flipside to all these is that many filmmakers are getting ready with even bolder themes. Is anyone listening?


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