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Ra Ra Krishnaya review: A routine drama

Ra Ra Krishnayya
Mahesh Babu P
Sundeep Kishan, Regina, Jagpathi Babu, Tanikella Bharani
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After the super success of Venkatadri Express last year, Sundeep Kishan started getting noticed. He paired up with actress Regina in 'Routine Love Story' earlier which was rom-com. Now, both of them are together in another film titled Ra Ra Krishnayya. Although new director Mahesh Baub P takes the credit for story and dialogues the film is obviously is 'copied' from Hindi movie, Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya (2012).

Kittu (Sundeep), a cab driver, aims to own a cab of his and starts saving money for it. He keeps his savings at his boss but the boss dupes him. He kidnaps his boss's daughter Nandishwari (Regina) in order to demand money from him. His daughter on other hand is looking way out from her home as his father is forcing her to get married to a guy. She takes this opportunity and goes away with Kittu who wanted to kidnap her. On the run, they fall in love. Twist in the tale comes with the entry of Jaggu Bhai (Jagapathi Babu) who kidnaps Kittu. Rest of the drama is unraveling of Jaggu Bhai's motive of this kidnap.

Sundeep Kishan does his best. He tries to carry the movie on his shoulders even when in the dull sequences. Regina indulges in good amount of glamour show and also performs well. Both the actors shared good chemistry. Jagapathi Babu in a key role lends the movie some weight. Kalyani is okay.

This simple romantic drama runs with some comedy scenes. But the laughter does not come in abundance. First half is decent and offers some nice moments. Both hero and heroine liven up the scenes with their crackling chemistry. But second half, with heads towards no proper direction with weak screenplay. In the second half, pretty lame way the narration is told by the new director. On the technical front too, the film hardly impresses. Achchu's music is ordinary. Cinematography is decent though.

Biggest drawback of the movie, apart from copying the movie from a Hindi hit, its dull narration with regular commercial elements.

Verdict - Routine drama


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