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Raaz 3 trailer: Cheesy scares and some more

Source : SIFY
Last Updated: Wed, Aug 01, 2012 13:58 hrs
Raaz 3

The upcoming horror flick from the Mahesh Bhatt camp sticks to its mediocre guns and delivers a trailer filled with all things predictable. But that's not to say you don't jump.

The thing with repetition is, conditioning. And when you're conditioned to 'freak out' no matter how many times you've had that 'thing' pop out from the dark, you're bound to feel that fear.

But rest assured that there is enough melodrama and cheesy gimmicks to lighten the moment. And if that's not enough, the film boasts of two gorgeous ladies - Esha Gupta and Bipasha Basu. And Emraan Hashmi is the lucky man, but not according to the plot.

Now, the story is pretty straightforward. Two actresses, one director and you have a sticky love triangle. When one of the ladies wants to better the other, that's when the trouble starts.

However, for every rehashed scare, there's something utterly funny to diffuse those goosebumps. Like when the cockroach flies right into Esha Gupta's eye. Gross, but not scary.

So go ahead and take a look. It's nothing you haven't seen before.

Watch the trailer:

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