Rahul Ravindran’s lovely note to his wife Chinmayi wins hearts!

Last Updated: Fri, Oct 19, 2018 18:36 hrs

At a time when Chinmayi is receiving a lot of hatred messages for her strong stance in the #MeToo movement, her husband Rahul Ravindran who is also an actor and filmmaker took to his Twitter page to support his wife in this crucial situation.

"All you jobless trolls who keep making noises on my timeline.... you might be very few in number... but boy, you can be annoying! So here goes once and for all. My wife might be an inconvenience to you because she's a rare breed that has the courage to speak up. You might see her as a threat to status quo. That of male privilege. Deal with it.Like it or not the world is changing. It will be an equal world soon. And the voices will get louder until then. But she is not an inconvenience to me. I married a woman who is loving, caring, kind and a selfless giver.She doesn't care half as much about herself as she cares about me and our puppies. And yeah, she's a complete romantic at heart. Dynamite combo bruv. Good luck finding yourself one. There are plenty out there. But doubt they'd want you. Dot”, tweeted Rahul Ravindran.

Rahul’s lovely note to his husband and befitting reply to the trolls is winning hearts on Twitter.

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