Raju Bhai needed to look stylish: Lingusamy

Last Updated: Mon, Aug 11, 2014 16:03 hrs

Director Lingusamy, known for his racy commercial movies like Sandakozhi, Run, Paiyaa & Vettai is geared up for his next release Anjaan.  With sky-high expectations amongst fans, the movie is slated to release on 15th of August.  Sify.com had a chance to interact with the man behind Anjaan himself.  Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Your combination with Yuvan always seems to hit the bull’s eye.  What’s the secret behind the success of this combination?
Our composing sessions will always be pretty relaxed.  Myself, Yuvan Shankar Raja & the lyricists will be casually interacting among ourselves talking various other things.  There won’t be a conscious strain to extract the tunes. It always happens naturally.  

How did you finalize Suriya'’s look in the movie?
Raju Bhai needed to look stylish.  In order to finalize the look for that character, we researched online.  Suriya, on his part would come up with certain looks and give suggestions.  For the two characters he plays in the movie, we finally zeroed-in on the perfect looks.  

Tell us about Samantha's performance in the movie
Samantha is really sharp.  She reads the dialogues thoroughly and keeps repeating them till she goes for the take.  Her expressions and reactions are fantastic too.  I changed the story thrice and every time I would tell her that she is still in the movie and only the story has changed.  I am making my next movie from one of those stories which I narrated initially to Samantha.  She is there in the movie and the male lead will be Karthi.  

Any particular scene of Samantha's we need to watch out for?
There is a scene in a car where she has performed superbly.  Also, there is a scene near the roadside where Surya, Samantha & Vidyut converse with each other.  Watch out for her expressions in that scene.  

How difficult it is to make movies having songs in its screenplay?
Balaji Sakthivel once told me that songs are the movie's re-recording at that point of screenplay.  Unless the songs are placed aptly, it will detach the audience from the plot and Shankar sir is always one who knows where to perfectly place a song.  In Anjaan, the songs are neatly packaged along with the screenplay.  

Your production house seems to be churning out hits after hits.  How do you balance both direction & production?
I like to watch all types of movies.  That aspect helps me to produce movies that are different.  Regarding the production department, I usually listen to the scripts before the project starts and once the movie gets over, I watch it and share my suggestions.  The important part of production- the marketing, the promotions are all done by a dedicated team led by N.  Subash Chandra Bose


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