Ram Gopal Varma is a crook: Allu Arvind

Last Updated: Fri, Apr 20, 2018 11:05 hrs
Allu Arvind

Allu Aravind is angry at Ram Gopal Varma. He saw the video of RGV where he confessed that it was he who suggested that Sri Reddy abuse Pawan Kalyan.

Speaking at a press meet today Allu Aravind blasted Ram Gopal Varma. He said, "I know you are a crook, you have intelligence but your mentality is crooked. Shame on you RGV that you stooped so low."

Allu Aravind said he spoke to Suresh Babu and got to know that they didn't offer Rs 5 Cr as compensation to Sri Reddy as claimed by RGV.

"Hats off to Suresh Babu. He stood by his stand that law of the land should take its own course. Whereas RGV told Sri Reddy that they are ready to give Rs 5 Cr. How crooked is he. He is penniless. How did he offer such amount? Who is behind his cruel tactics?" Allu Aravind questioned.

Aravind also said that Tollywood industry has taken remedial measures for the safety of women working in the industry and a body has been formed to address sexual harassment cases.

"We are sympathetic towards Sri Reddy's case. We will not run away from this episode. We will be taking all measures. But there is also a section which is headed by RGV that is doing cheap acts. He will not go unpunished this time."

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