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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Thursday 26 October 2006

Movie Title



Uday Shankar

Star Cast

Gopichand, Meera Jasmine, Shivaji, Ankita, Ashish Vidyardhi

Gopichand the action hero of Tollywood has attempted to do a sentimental drama which backfires. The film is a big bore and is a rehash of some old Tamil films including two scenes from Ajit?s Tirupati and has a hangover of Vikraman films on love and sacrifice

Director Udayshankar seems to have done a mix and match job. The story narration is slow paced and the basic concept is from the 70?s and 80?s tearjerkers. Kali (Gopichand) is a typical hero you have seen in umpteen films- A local rowdy with a heart of gold.

He runs a sound system on rent and a lady police officer (Ankitha) is madly in love with him! But Kali has a soft corner for Jyothi (Meera Jasmine) an aspiring singer. They bond well and soon become good friends. She has a past and her ambition is to become an IAS officer. How Kali helps her to achieve her goal is what the film is about.

The story and presentation is as old as the hills. Mani Sharma?s music is a big let down and the film is too lengthy. A lot of unwanted sentiments are thrown in which stands out and the characters are too plastic. The only saving grace is Venu Madhav?s comedy and the screen presence of Gopichand.

Meera Jasmine sleepwalks through the film and Ankita is there for glamour. On the whole Raraju is a big letdown and waste of time.

Verdict: Disappointing

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