'Ratsasan' team reveals the psycho killer Christopher!

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 31, 2018 10:17 hrs

Ratsasan is turning out to be the biggest hit in Vishnu Vishal’s career. Sources say that in Tamil Nadu, the film is likely to touch 20cr gross which is remarkable  for a mid-budget film. On Tuesday, the makers of the film revealed the actor who played as the menacing psycho killer Christopher in the film.

A lesser known actor named Saravanan played  Christopher and his mom’s role. For his aged look in the film, Saravanan only had fruit juice and water throughout the shoot. Christopher’s younger version was played by Yasar who also lost around 15 kilos for the role.

Saravanan said: “When I was shooting for Ratsasan, by health was not in good condition and half of the time, I didn't hear what others say because of the lack of proper food. For a struggling actor like me, this is a huge opportunity and I should thank my director and producer for arranging a special function to honor my work”.

Speaking at the function Vishnu Vishal said: “Actually, when director Ram Kumar narrated the script, expressed my interest to play Christopher’s role but he had Saravanan in mind who is indeed the best choice. Though Saravanan performed exceptionally, during the climax his performance wasn’t quite convincing because the scene demands the antagonist to perform like a trained magician. Later, we took ten days break and rehearsed to get the perfection. But in the ten days, the building in which we were supposed to shoot was demolished. So I told my producer that I will take care of the expense of the set work”.

Ratsasan will be dubbed in Telugu and in Hindi, leading studios are trying to acquire the remake rights.

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