Ravi Shastri


Tuesday 10 October 2006

Movie Title

Ravi Shastri



Star Cast

Ravichandran, Sneha, Ananthnag, Doddanna

This remake of K.Bhagyaraj classic Idhu Namma Aal from Tamil lacks the Kannada milieu and flavour. Director M.S.Rajashekhar could have made the film more racy and entertaining, which would have appealed to the masses.

Ravi Shastri (Ravichandran)is a graduate stricken by poverty. He is a lower caste barber but to earn money for his mother?s eye operation, he puts the sacred thread and pretends to be a Brahmin. He is caught for not reciting the hymns by Narayana Dixit (Anant Nag) in one of the rituals in his house, but not suspected for his impersonification as a Brahmin. The simple and straightforward attitude of Ravi Shastri gets him a job as clerk in the temple and Narayana Dixit gives him Rs.25000 for his mother's eye operation.

Meanwhile Bhanu (Sneha) daughter of Narayana Dixit falls is in love with Ravi Shastri. He tries to avoid her in many occasions but is forced to marry her. But immediately after the wedding, Ravishastri?s real identity comes out. Narayana Dixit asks Ravi Shastri not to touch his daughter forever. This promise made by Ravi Shastri in fact topples the atmosphere in the Brahmin community. Narayana Dixit even declares that his daughter is dead for him when she goes to Ravishastri house.

But the pressure on Narayana Dixit increases and he is in a quixotic situation to either select his family or religion. He selects religion to save his community for crossing the paths. He tries to self immolate. At the same time Bhanu consumes poison with no option left. How Ravi Shastri saves the life of daughter and father and will he be accepted by Narayana Dixit forms the rest of the film.

Ravichandran is very casual and he has given the right emotions. His comedy is also impressive. The highlight of the film is Sneha who is lively and looks good. Ananthnag is precise. Umashri, Doddanna, Karibasavaiah have given good support. Rajesh Ramanath?s music is adequate.

Verdict: Average

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