Red State shocks the faith out of Mr Loony

Last Updated: Thu, Mar 01, 2012 09:53 hrs

TV has long since fried his brain. Mr Loony now lives in a basement, spending his waking hours watching films and talking about them. To his imaginary friends. Hmm.

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Are basement dwellers closer to Hell than the rest of humanity? We lead our lives in darkness, in the depths below the ground, cut off from the Gods above. We see the destruction caused by religious fanaticism in the outside world and we wonder - Are we the sane ones?

Red State is a recent horror film that shows just how terrifying blind faith in a God can be. The director, quite surprisingly, is Kevin Smith who has traditionally made geek centric comedies like the Clerks series and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Smith takes us into the Bible Belt, the southern region of the United States, which is the stronghold of ultra-conservative Christian groups. The Five Points Church organizes protests against homosexuality and the degradation in moral values in society; however, their peaceful demonstrations might only be a facade for their more extreme measures.

When three high school students looking for a night of debauchery fall into a honey trap and wake up in the church, they realize that they would have to do a lot more than just confess to their sins.

Demons from the netherworld are nearly not as horrifying as the demon inside all of us. If religion has helped instill a moral sense in humanity, it has also brought out the worst in us at times when the teachings in our holy books are read literally. Red State takes a darkly comedic view of this, but the message hits home hard. Maybe it is time we revised our beliefs and brought in modern sensibilities into our ancient customs.

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