Remakes are not easy propositions: Mitran Jawahar

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 03, 2010 04:08 hrs

The soft spoken Mitran Jawahar is ready with his  third film Uthamaputhiran releasing big on November 5, Friday for Diwali. The talented young man has all the reasons to be happy, as this remake film with Dhanush and Genelia in the lead was an all out family entertainer Ready, that was a huge hit in Andhra.

So what are the future plans of this former assistant of noted directors Mahendran and Selvaraghavan whose chemistry with Dhanush has proved a sure shot winner every time with Yaradi Nee Mohini and Kutty? In this conversation Mitran shares his experience with

What's Uthamputhiran all about?
It's a family entertainer with almost 70 characters including Vivek who has played a significantly different role. I am very happy that it is releasing for Diwali when people go out and enjoy themselves at a movie. I used to watch three movies on Diwali day, when I was a kid. My film is a family based, love story with commercial elements which makes it a jolly watch for festival season for the entire family.

Why do you always go in for remakes, as this is your third one from a Telugu hit?
Nothing was planned and it just happened that way. When I worked with Selvaraghavan I didn't think I would start of with remakes or anything, but some commitments and opportunities came up and it worked out fine for me and here I am.

How tough or easy is it to do a remake when the original is a huge hit? Isn't it a challenge?
Yeah, remakes are tough to make. One has to make careful changes keeping in mind local tastes and flavours. With the original story one can write any scene. But with the remake the director has to work within certain parameters and a circle.

What are the changes you have made in this film?
Well the first half is a travel on a highway in the Tamil version which is different. The second half is family drama. I have written dialogues myself and changed a few scenes.

Your chemistry with your hero Dhanush is much talked about. How did it work out for three films?
Its just that we share a common understanding and tastes are similar. We both like same kind of films and music. For instance we both like Illayaraja. Since our wavelengths are common, it was easier to work together.

What are your future plans?
I have not decided but it will certainly be a fresh film and not a remake.

What sort of films would you like to make?
I think I will do low and medium budget films. I would like to make a thriller, a childrens film like Anjali, a comedy and even action films.  I want to do a wide variety of genres.

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