Revealed- The woes of a director!

Last Updated: Mon, Apr 01, 2013 14:50 hrs

We are not going to reveal any names, in this gossip.

One of the two main parties in this story is a 'serious' filmmaker and the other, a young hero. The two had started an offbeat film together sometime back and the film is yet to reach the screens.

Now the buzz is that the hero and director are having big issues and that is the reason why the project is being delayed. Why? The actor had agreed to do this film expecting some awards when he was part of some commercial successes.

Now it's a bad patch for him and his films are not having a good run at the box office. So he is looking forward is a fresh lease of life as a commercial star and not as an art film lead.
And the other issue is that one of the supporting artistes in the film has a superb makeover in it and the hero fears that his role will not be appreciated when compared to the appearance and performance of the supporting star. So he started making the life hell for the director.

The latest is that the director has somehow managed to complete the film and it will hit the theatres soon.


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