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Review 2: Kidnap

Sanjay Gadhvi
Imran Khan, Minissha Lamba and Sanjay Dutt
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Suddenly-hot Minissha Lamba in various dress avatars is dancing to lyrics like baby bindaas, khaas, main ek raaz and the like. So we get it that this 18-year-old likes to live it up. She has a mother Dr Mallika (Vidya Malavade, captain in Chak De!) giving her competition in the cleavage display category. The said mother is supposedly aged in her late 30s, but Malavade looks way too young. She’s divorced from her business tycoon husband Vikrant Raina (Sanjay Dutt) who sang a shaadi barbaadi song on their wedding anniversary. As usual, the divorced woman is shown as an over-reactor and the husband a poor victim who’s love the wife could not understand.

Sonia gets kidnapped by a mysterious man called Kabir (Imran) who start calling up Raina, giving him inane clues to get to her. The clues are of the riddle-like akkad bakkad, eena meena variety. We trail the film thereon, a day at a time. This situation is perfect for a taut thriller and has lots of scope for emotional drama to be interwoven. But here, you don’t feel much. The twists and turns are so predictable, you’re actually surprised you guess them all correctly. Meanwhile, Sophie Chowdry in an itsy-bitsy number performs a song.

Over there, at the kidnapper’s, Sonia is perplexed at being held hostage and tries several times, in vain, to escape. Yaaawn! The menacing kidnapper catches a glimpse or two down her cleavage and she then tries seducing him, another song. He attempts raping her, but the good hero that he is, doesn’t. Meanwhile the silly game continues with more clues, and you’re not for a second intrigued.

Kabir’s intention is to get Raina in trouble and makes him do illegal things like robbing his business rival and even helping a convict escape. To do his bidding, Raina is in and out of costumes; he’s a police officer in one scene and a firefighter in the next one. Mama Mallika dons an evening dress and gatecrashes into a jail claiming to be a human rights activist. After the fancy dress parade is done with, we’re revealed the reason behind’s Kabir’s revenge. A back-story that’s intended to create sympathy for Kabir, but leaves you unfeeling. Only for Imran Khan’s sexy solo song that’s saved for the credits, it’s somewhat worth staying till the end.

The action sequence between Imran Khan and Sanjay Dutt is extremely well-executed and entertaining. Cinematography is competent. Editing is lax and could have easily done away with extraneous scenes. Ditto screenplay that has allowed a lot of repetitive dialogues and situations in the film.

Imran Khan as the sometimes weak-sometimes ruthless criminal is superb. He’s perfectly cast, for despite the character’s dark streak, Imran makes it impossible to dislike Kabir. Minissha’s transformation is eye-pooping. She’s not the over-toned, model-like beauty with dramatic eyes and a pout. Here, she dons a more fresh-faced, sensual kind of look that suits her well. Sanjay Dutt impresses in his role as a father battling difficult emotions and having to think on his feet. Vidya Malavade does well.

Director Sanjay Gadhvi must concede that his two super-successes Dhoom and Dhoom:2 bring with it a cauldron of expectations. The main flaw with Kidnap is its failure to convince us of the said situation. In the thriller genre, it’s essential that a film inspire viewers to put themselves in a similar situation; that’s what elicits the edge-of-the-seat response. Without that quality, you just sit through the film with a mechanical daze until the popcorn’s over and the film too.

Verdict: Two stars


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