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Review: Ravi Teja`s Veera

Ramesh Varma
Ravi Teja, Kajal, Tapsee, Pradeep Rawat, Rahul Dev, Brahmanandam
Ganesh Indukuri
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After the success of Mirapakay, Ravi Teja is back with another mass entertainer, Veera, doing dual roles.

With the summer vacation touching its peak, it is generally felt that Veera would set Tollywood ablaze.

ACP Shyam (Ravi Teja) is an upright cop. Villain Dhanraj (Rahul Dev) has a son who lusts after college girls. When his eve-teasing turns violent, Shyam takes him to task and sees that criminal justice prevailes on the victims. Dhanraj loses his cool and kills Shyam`s infant son (Moksha). But, the cop doesn`t reveal this to anyone.

In the meantime, the government appoints Deva (Pradeep Rawat) as Shyam`s bodyguard but intelligent Veera (Ravi Teja) comes as bodyguard in place of Deva.

At this juncture, Veera comes across Aikya (Taapsee) and both fall in love with each other. Another ravishing beauty (Kajal) comes into picture. Shyam detects that Veera is not the real bodyguard and when the latter was about to be arrested, he reveals the child, who is long thought to have been killed by the villains.

Why does Veera come to save Shyam`s family? What is the link between the government-appointed bodyguard and Shyam with villain Dhanraj. Who is Kajal, and what is her connection with Shyam`s family? These confused links form the crux of the story.

Ravi Teja is seen hysterical in several scenes. As a result, his characterization lacked originality and his efforts went awry. The dual role formula miserably failed in Veera, though director Ramesh Varma said that he was inspired by Vikramarkudu, Ravi Teja`s earlier dual role flick.

Kajal Agarwal is good as a village girl. At a time when she was trying for an outlet to prove her mettle as an artiste rather than a mere glam doll, this piece of performance comes as a blessing to her. But, she lacked the spark in her eyes, looking pale in most of the scenes.

Tapsee proved that she can do the urbane roles with much ease. Brahmanandam and Venu Madhav`s comedy was routine. All other characters did their portions well, but many not synchronizing with the script.

Veera is only fine in parts wherever Ravi Teja is shown in a mass dimension. There is unnecessary violence and the screenplay is hackneyed. Director Ramesh Varma was purely focusing to showcase Ravi Teja on the lines of a superhero but he failed miserably.

The basic script itself suffers from a heavy dose of mindless violence. The dialogues are raw and sounds as though they are forced on the audiences for the deliberate mass effect. The songs are poor, but Taman`s background score is impressive in several stretches.

Gowtham Raju`s editing is not crisp. However, cinematography is fine, and production values are good. Blood and gore; illogical script; poor comedy are big minus points to the film. How far Ravi Teja can shoulder the weight of the movie is to be seen.

Verdict: Disappointing


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