Sathya is essential viewing, a film that deserves to be watched

Sathya review: Unquestionably one of the smartest films this year, the biggest strength of Sathya is its unpredictability

It is compelling, moving and quite unlike anything else, you’re likely to watch this year

Aramm review- It is a magnificent effort, one that deserves to be applauded for its honesty and message it conveys.

Neither entirely satisfying nor boring

Solo review: It is an anthology of four different characters Shekhar, Trilok, Shiva and Rudhra, all played by Dulquer Salmaan

Three positives about the film — catchy title, noble theme and the duration

Theru Naaigal Review: Director Hari must be appreciated for trying to convey a much-needed message through a crisp film but he should work a lot in screenplay and execution to exactly bring his ideas on the big screen.

Neither frightens you nor evokes any laughter

Bayama Irukku review: Horror comedies are aimed to provide a wholesome entertainment with scary elements blend with slapstick humor to bring the roof down. But as they say, comedy is a serious business and if the director is not sure of what he s doing, things can always go wrong.

First half is a total downer with unnecessary songs, a lifeless romance and very minimal gags

Kathanayagan review- It’s up to Vishnu Vishal to breathe life into this lazy film…which he does. Overall, 'Kathanayagan' is a plain and simple bore.

From the word go, the film fails to engage us and we are unable to relate with any of the characters

Puriyatha Puthir review: Though the running time is a little above 120 mints, the slow moving screenplay tests our patience

A quality crime thriller, which will definitely satisfy all movie lovers

Kurangu Bommai review:When potential biggies are limping at unable to satisfy the public, small gems like this one comes as a pleasant surprise

Adhi is average as an actor but his image holds the film

Meesaya Murukku review: A decent debut directorial and heroic outing from Adhi.

Icing on the cake is that the brilliant actors also got a terrific storyline and ingenious characterizations

Vikram Vedha review: A brilliantly written intense crimes drama, which shouldn't be missed.

Watch it because gems like these are hard to find

Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu review: In the end, the movie is a beautiful, moving experience.Two big thumbs up for Suresh Sangaiah’s 'Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu'.

Gives hope that a perfect world like this is actually out there somewhere.

Brindhavanam review:The biggest strength of Radha Mohan is his ability to convey a highly emotional content with sublime humour