A cliched film about a timid guy who falls in love with a beautiful girl but doesn’t have courage to convey his feelings to her

Meyaadha Maan review: Despite a routine story, what really works for 'Meyaadha Maaan' is the realistic writing and good performances of its lead actors

Mahesh Babu reminds us of Vijay in many scenes but the actor shines in his own style and majestic screen presence.

Spyder review: We have an intelligent hero on a mission, he has a happy family, does silly romance with an annoying heroine and all of a sudden faces an intriguing challenge from a deadly villain. This is the movie in a nutshell.

Three positives about the film — catchy title, noble theme and the duration

Theru Naaigal Review: Director Hari must be appreciated for trying to convey a much-needed message through a crisp film but he should work a lot in screenplay and execution to exactly bring his ideas on the big screen.

First half is a total downer with unnecessary songs, a lifeless romance and very minimal gags

Kathanayagan review- It’s up to Vishnu Vishal to breathe life into this lazy film…which he does. Overall, 'Kathanayagan' is a plain and simple bore.

Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum review: Tedious watch

Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum review- The film tries to be a rom-com but ends up as a half baked low-brow crass comedy, which beyond a point is tiresome.

Vikram Prabhu is perfect as the angry young man. His body language and dialogue deliver aptly suit his characterization

Sathriyan review-Performance wise, Vikram Prabhu is perfect as the angry young man and Manjima shines

Prabhas is so comfortable and convincing in the role and his unwavering commitment to the role and the powerful emotions in his eyes are awesome.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion review- A giant leap for Indian cinema and easily it is that one film which every south Indian can be proud of.

Dhanush has packaged Pa Paandi in such a way that the film has necessary commercial elements including fight, romance, endearing songs and family sentiments

Pa Paandi review-A well-intentioned film that wants to make some crucial points. It is a watchable feel-good entertainer.

Bruce Lee review: A Black comedy gone awry

Bruce Lee review:It’s up to GV Prakash as Bruce lee to breathe some life into this lazy film… which he does.

Right mixture of humour and good performances from a fresh cast

Maanagaram review: It is a gripping film that seizes your full attention. Book your tickets and you will not regret

Filled with more twists and turns than you’re likely to find on the Western Ghats

Kuttram 23 review: It is both intelligent and exciting. A gripping cop thriller skillfully directed by Arivazhagan

Three rousing cheers to producer PVP Cinemas for pumping in so much money, effort and technical expertise into this movie.

The Ghazi Attack review: Three rousing cheers for pumping in so much money, effort and technical expertise which has resulted in such a challenging piece of work