Things are over-the-top and it's very difficult to sit through this misadventure

Sakka Podu Podu Raja review:If only Santhanam had taken interest in choosing a good script than focusing on his costumes and hairstyle!

Joker review- A delicious little treat

Joker review- It is a must watch for ardent cinema lovers. Give it a chance, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Jackson Durai review: A a decent horror comedy

Jackson review: A decent horror comedy and watchable for the Sibiraj and Sathyaraj combo.

Jithan-2 review: Avoid

Jithan-2 review: Even a poorly made movie have some kind of positive aspects to talk about but Jithan 2 is a nightmare, which we want to quickly erase from our memory

Jill Jung Juk review: Not funny at all

Jil Jung Juk review: Siddharth’s new generation movie which tries hard to be quirky and funny falls flat


Ravi Nanda Periyasamy apparently tries to convey a solid message on how advent of Facebook triggers innocent young minds

Romeo Juliet

Director Lakshman whips up a lighthearted souffle' called 'Romeo Juliet'. Sprinkled liberally with so-called humor, the film makes some rather predictable points about love, straining its already-thin premise.

JK Ennum Nanbanin Vaazhkai

Cheran's JK Ennum Nanbanin Vazhkai is a breezy feel good film with colorful visuals, enchanting score and well sketched characters.

Jayam Kondaan

R.Kannan, a former assistant of the master story teller and visualiser Mani Ratnam asserts with his debut film Jayam Kondaan, that he has the potential to churn out a neat feel-good entertainer.