Fails to engage us and nothing really works in the movie's favour

Chennayil Oru Naal-2 review:Sarathkumar is the only saving grace of this investigative thriller, as he looks perfect as a stylish police officer

Three positives about the film — catchy title, noble theme and the duration

Theru Naaigal Review: Director Hari must be appreciated for trying to convey a much-needed message through a crisp film but he should work a lot in screenplay and execution to exactly bring his ideas on the big screen.

Neither frightens you nor evokes any laughter

Bayama Irukku review: Horror comedies are aimed to provide a wholesome entertainment with scary elements blend with slapstick humor to bring the roof down. But as they say, comedy is a serious business and if the director is not sure of what he s doing, things can always go wrong.

It isn’t just an action movie but is also about friendship between five young men who want to do something good to the society

Neruppuda review: It isn’t just an action movie set against the backdrop of fire fighters but is also about friendship between five young men

First half is a total downer with unnecessary songs, a lifeless romance and very minimal gags

Kathanayagan review- It’s up to Vishnu Vishal to breathe life into this lazy film…which he does. Overall, 'Kathanayagan' is a plain and simple bore.

Arjun looks stylish and delivers a subtle performance

Nibunan review - Action King Arjun’s 150th film 'Nibunan' is a whodunit thriller, which is a fresh genre for the actor.

An enjoyable fantasy heist horror comedy, which is a good weekend watch

Maragadha Naanayam review: An enjoyable fantasy heist horror comedy, which is recommended this weekend

A horror thriller with a revenge angle which completely depends on its lead actor

Dora Review- Despite its bumps, the film is seldom boring and is a one-time watch for the knockout performance of Nayanthara.

Nisabdham review- Average film with a message

Nisabdham review:It is indeed an honest attempt and it can be watchable for the message delivered

Kodita Idangalai Nirappuga review-Tedious watch

Kodita Idangalai Nirappuga review:Parthiepan’s answers to fill in the blanks are at times in your face, but that is the way his films function.

Kavalai Vendam-Uninhibited and naughty!

Kavalai Vendam review- Comedy takes the front seat with an underlying romance and predominant the feel-good factor kept alive throughout.

Devi review: A neat feel good horror comedy

Devi review- Good news is that the director Vijay has made a solid comeback with 'Devi', which is a feel-good horror comedy.