RGV explains Agyaat and the invisible force

Last Updated: Wed, Jul 01, 2009 05:14 hrs

Let's clarify about a new installment of Sarkar, before we let Ramgopal Varma talk of Agyaat, his new outing.

"I don't think another installment will have the same effect after the peak Sarkar Raj reached, especially now that Abhishek is gone (the actor was shot dead in Sarkar Raj)," RGV says, clearly signaling the end of the Sarkar series.

Right now, RGV is looking at Agyaat, which, he clarifies, is not a horror film, but a thriller.

"Fear doesn't necessarily come from the supernatural. Fear can also come from something one cannot see. That invisible force is the driving force of Agyyat," he explains.

Fear or horror, as we know by now, has been RGV's forte and is the basis of almost every second film he makes. So what is so different about Agyyat?

"I can confidently say that this film is way ahead of anything I've done earlier. Creating a fearsome character just by its sound is a difficult task. Also, the jungle we've shot in is nothing like any jungle people might've seen before," the director reveals.

Priyanka Kothari lashes out at the critics

Unlike most RGV films, Agyyat doesn't boast of big stars, rather most of them are rank newcomers/lesser-known names.

"New faces don't carry the burden of expectations, so I get freedom to place my characters. You could say that the jungle or the creature is the lead."

Priyanka Kothari to do Kiss Mix in Agyaat

Next on the cards is Rann, with Amitabh Bachchan, releasing shortly after Agyyat and the two part Rakta Charita, which goes on floors soon. Rann contains the controversial 'altered version' of the national anthem that has been submitted to the court for a nod.

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