RGV in Chennai to promote Phoonk

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 06, 2008 07:18 hrs

Guess who was in Chennai on Monday.

It was Bollywood's favourite punching bag Ram Gopal Verma, in Chennai to promote his upcoming supernatural flick Phoonk - just a few weeks after his Contract was trashed by the critics.

He was calm, composed and wore his usual 'you-can't-take-me-alive' attitude, which the press has found tough to crack. During the two-hour press call, Sify.com too tried its hand at getting the man himself out into the open.

But not before catching the trailer of Phoonk, a film on black magic set to be released on August 22. It's about Rajiv, an atheist to his toes, who has his foundations shaken to the core by certain bizarre incidents that could only have one explanation - the paranormal.

The teaser trailer is impressive and the press material provided includes trademark horror-movie shots and a spooky little girl, contributing to some excellent visuals.

A serene RGV then fielded questions from fans, critics, friends and 'annoying' journalists. He knows he's been failing at the box office, but a day after the Sarkar Raj script was inducted into the Academy of Motion Pictures library (the Oscar library), the director appeared rejuvenated.

Most of the quizzing was focused on the supernatural theme that he's exploring in Phoonk.

Fans wanted to know more about the genre and RGV was generous with the answer.

"The supernatural is an unexplored aspect of our lives and whatever you throw in, the people will accept it because everyone lacks a definite idea. It's very vague," he explained, adding, "I have always been an atheist ever since I can remember. Being an atheist, I believe there is a rational and scientific explanation to everything. But till I know and understand the same, I'm forced to presume they are supernatural happenings."

The filmmmaker also revealed that he would now like to do more films down South and continue his experiments here, though he proved tight-fisted when it came to the details.

He was given an opportunity to defend his faith in factory-line production of movies too.

Reminded by a fan of his claim that he would go on to make a thousand films before the inevitable, RGV held forth: "I'm teeming with ideas and I make films for myself and when I please. I love cinema and I just love the medium. If I have the idea, then I'll just go ahead and make the film - even if it takes two days or two years to shoot."

Phoonk, for the record, took more than two days to shoot. It marks Kannada film star Sudeep's Bollywood debut and features a cast of relative unknowns.