Romance- all the way!!

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 13, 2015 09:22 hrs

Love has travelled a lot in the Indian film industry. Romance, song, dance which is an integral part of a movie only justifies the word love and romantic movies have been on a rise ever since the inception of films. Probably it’s quite difficult for the Indian audience to accept a movie without an element of love in the films. With Valentine’s Day just a day ahead, lists the three best Romantic movies of all times.

One of the best romantic movies of all time directed by Dinesh Babu, Amruthavarshini has a unique storyline. The story revolves around three centralized characters- a husband, wife who love each other madly and deeply and a friend who eventually falls in love with his friend’s wife and how things take turn in the course of their lives. The songs are an all time favourite among the listeners even to this day.

The path breaking cinema in Sandalwood directed and acted by dream merchant of Sandalwood V Ravichandran. Slackly based on Grease-2, the film is spun in an interesting way. With Ravichandran and Juhi Chawla in the lead role, the movie had some mind numbing and foot tapping songs which are the favourites even to this day.

3.Mungaaru Male
The movie emerged as a trend setting movie in the Kannada industry. Kannada romantic poetry abounds with references to Mungaru Male. It is season of tenderness and the season when love sprouts and this is what Yogaraj Bhat’s Mungaaru Male precisely brings on screen. With a heart touching climax, the lead who tickles your funny bones throughout the movie makes you weep at the end of the story.

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