Ron Ethan Yohann music director of 'Naragasooran' in conversation

Last Updated: Sun, Aug 12, 2018 17:40 hrs
Ron Ethan Yohann

‘Naragasooran’ is one of the most anticipated movies and expectations have doubled after the release of the highly intriguing trailer. While the teaser and trailer have raised enough curiosity levels, caught up with the film’s music composer Ron Ethan Yohann to speak about his experience while working in Naragasooran.  Excerpts:

How did ‘Naragasooran’ fall in your lap?
The dubbing for Naragasooran actually took place in my studio. I met Karthick Naren there and we spoke a lot about films. He expressed his interest in working with me and narrated a different script to me in the beginning. But, we finally ended up doing Naragasoorantogether as he asked me to do the background score of it.  

The teaser’s music seems very intense and it sets up a very eerie, mysterious mood to the movie. Was it intentionally themed that way?
The movie has some deep layers within it. It explores concepts like ‘faith’ and emotions like ‘search’ act as one of the main elements in the movie. So, we decided to intentionally keep the sounding acoustic and rooted. The movie requires dark and intense music. The movie’s script didn’t demand much electronic music. 

One of the highlights of Maya background score was how you explored silence as well. The general practise while scoring a thriller these days is to fill the scene with adrenaline thumping music. How is that going to play out in Naragasooran?
Silence helps to establish a moody atmosphere. In the case of Naragasooran, the structure of the movie itself is like a crescendo. The music’s form is also similar to that. Here it is mostly used as a tool to establish the characters and the second half of the film is musically driven I would say.
Karthick Naren’s earlier film ‘Dhuruvangal 16’ did not have any songs except a promo song. How about ‘Naragasooran’?
Naragasooran also does not have any songs as such. The score for a movie like Naragasooran is more important. Certain movies don’t demand songs in their script and 
this movie also falls into that category. Inserting a song into the narattion unnecessarily will affect the mood. As of now, we haven’t decided anything on the promo song. Even if we do a promo song, we need to make sure the audience do not come into the theatres expecting the promo song to be a part of the film.
For this movie we were told you went overseas to complete the orchestra. Tell us about that experience
Yes, we had gone to Macedonia to do the re-recording of Naragasooran. Even for my previous films like ‘Maya’ & ‘Sigai’, I had gone there. The difference this time is, we used a 52-piece orchestra for Naragasooran while for my previous projects I had done only 35-piece orchestra. So, it has come out really well and it was a great experience.

What’s your future line-up looking like?
My next would be the SJ Surya starrer ‘Iravakaalam’. I am teaming up with Ashwin (Iravakaalam’s director) for one more movie. I am also starting a new Telugu project 
that kicks off this week. It is a new setup with full of young people. I am looking forward to work on that. Apart from these, I am in talks for few more projects too. 

By Siddharth K 

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