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Run Baby Run

Run Baby Run
Mohanlal, Amala Paul, Biju Menon, Sai Kumar
Ratheesh Vegha
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Director Joshiy’s Run Baby Run, with media as the backdrop, is a gripping tale with some good visuals and excellent performances. Of course, it’s a simple storyline and the situations are familiar, but on the whole it is an engaging thriller which has the right doses of histrionics, tautness, anguish and thrills

Venu (Mohanlal) is a Film Institute alumnus and a high profile news cameraman, working as a stringer for Reuters. He is being wooed by every big channel in the business and is now in Kochi.

Renuka (Amala Paul) is the feisty executive editor of the ‘Bharath Vision’ channel, who was once Venu’s fiancée but the two hate each other now. But as fate would have it, the two have to team up for an assignment now.

With a brisk pace that pretty much doesn’t give the viewer enough time to analyze the logic, scenarist Sachi and director Joshiy come up with a decent show. R D Rajasekhar’s camera is superb and Mohanlal’s song Aaattumanal… composed by music director Ratheesh Vegha, is top notch.

Watch out for a really good performance by Biju Menon, who comes as the head of a newly born channel, going through a severe crisis.

There are some goofs and clichés in the storyline, which we can’t discuss now, as we wouldn’t want to play spoilsports. Even then, veteran director Joshiy underlines why he is regarded as one of the best in the business even after so many years in the industry.

The genius of Mohanlal is in full display as he comes up with one of his finest performances during recent years. He is natural, suave, funny and of course, brilliant.

Amala Paul makes a great impression as a bold channel reporter. It’s incredible that she manages to make a mark of her own and knows exactly how to command the screen with her presence, even though the focus is mostly on the hero. Her costumes, and make up are superb.

The rest of the cast including Biju Menon, Sai Kumar, Siddique and Vijayaraghavan has done their roles very well.

Run Baby Run may be far from perfect but it is a thriller that keeps you glued on to the screens. The film has a shaky second half and a rather abrupt ending, but all these doesn’t take away the excitement that the film provides. Go for this one, you are sure to have a nice time at the theatres!

Verdict: Very Good


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