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Bala, Mukesh, Navya Nair
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Never knew that an SMS can create so much havoc in many people's lives! A prank message sent by a law college student affects the lives of several people in director Sarjulan's SMS. Worse still, by narrating the story director Sarjulan subjects the viewers to 140 minutes of unabashed torture. He has earlier directed the film Madamma, based on M.Mukundan's story.

No two ways about it, everything about SMS looks hoary, jaded and boring. That includes the film's story, its narrative style and the performances of its lead actors. It has been packaged as a murder mystery, but just cant figure out how a bunch of people came together to make this silly tale into a full-fledged movie?

Robert Mathew (Mukesh) is a cop who is investigating into the suicide of Indu (Navya Nair). She was a law college student and was madly in love with her senior there, Kichan (Bala). She is being shown as a bold girl initially who wears stylish costumes but is heartbroken after seeing one mischievous SMS in her fiancé's mobile. He pleads with her that it was actually sent by a friend of his, but she is not ready to buy that.

Some ridiculous twists happen from then on and that badly affects several lives. SMS is the kind of film that is devoid of any artistic credibility at all. The screenplay of the film is an unimaginative and mundane piece of writing, so banal that any ten year old who has seen only a couple of films in his entire life can come up with a more creative version.

The narrative style adopted could have been inspired from the films that came out some decades back, but certainly not from the gems of that era. The visuals and even Illayaraja's tunes doesn't make things different either. On the performances of the main cast, where everyone seems to be equally disinterested, the less said the better. Did they have a competition going on to choose the one who presented the worst performance? If they had one, it would have been tough to pick the winner from the lot, especially between Bala and Madhu Warrier.

Taking a cue from some recent examples, it is amazing why should someone make a film when they don't have a genuine story to tell? SMS gives credence to such a thought, with its inanity.

Verdict: Avoid


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