S.Narayan not happy about Centenary Celebrations

Last Updated: Tue, Sep 24, 2013 06:05 hrs

The Indian centenary celebrations though opened on a good note, saw many things lacking from the Kannada film industry.

There were lapses only because of non cooperation that dogged the entire show. The absence of many notable actors from the Kannada industry was dreadful.

“Stars like ShivRaj Kumar, PuneethRaj Kumar, Jaggesh, Darshan, Sudeep, Upendra, Ganesh, Vijay, Yash and a few others were not seen taking part in the show.  Apart from these, the show also witnessed many mistakes in the voice-overs of kannada cinema script. Necessary people were not given prominence and few new comers were highlighted in the AV that was displayed,” says a source who was an eyewitness at the event. Seemed like there was no proper research done or no senior writers and historians were consulted for the script.

Ask about the absence of stars to the co-ordinator of the event S.Narayan, he says “I did not get the right support to conduct the event. The lack of co-operation has been clearly seen and I’m not really happy about it. The grand finale on September 24 has a very little space for Kannada since four languages converge in the presence of President of India. The most space and opportunity was availiable for today’s participation,” expressed the director.

Though forty nine Kannada film personalities covering all areas like artists, make up, exhibition, distribution, production etc were honored on Sunday morning, no one from the achievers who received felicitation was allowed to say a single word.



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