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Saas Bahu Aur Sensex: A preview

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Last Updated: Wed, Sep 10, 2008 11:14 hrs

When her mother suddenly divorces her father and leaves their comfortable home in Kolkata, Nitya Sen (Tanushree Dutta) finds herself in the new environs of Navi Mumbai.

Finding her bearings in a new city, letting go of her ambition to study in the USA for her MBA, and beginning to work at a call centre is tough. The only thing positive about her life is her friendship with Ritesh Jetmalani (Ankur Khanna), a colleague.

Ritesh is the nicest guy on Earth. He does everything with sincerity. In fact, he confesses that he has only two vices–he is always running late (mostly because he stopped to help someone) and he loves to eat non-veg food (he swears he’ll quit one day). His third vice (which he won’t admit) is his passion for girlfriend Kirti Wagaskar (Masumeh Makhija), a selfish but charming young woman who is on the lookout for a short cut to a better life.

Kirti is no ordinary middle class girl–she plans to marry RICH. (She has Ritesh on standby, just in case she doesn’t land a richer catch.) She hates her elder sister Parimal’s life–as a housewife to her grouchy traditional husband, Ganpatrao. Kirti earns a living serving at Coffee at Costa’s, and she spends her salary splurging on Gucci bags and her time dreaming of landing billionaire Yash Modi.

Meanwhile, Nitya’s mother Vinita Sen (Kirron Kher) is troubled by her failed marriage. She hopes to find the new start she needs in New Mumbai. She befriends the women in the colony and joins their kitty parties. She knows her daughter is angry with her and blames her for their situation, but she believes that this was their best alternative to find their place under the sun.

Vinita’s father had left her some shares and she traces her father’s old stock broking house to figure out the maze of the stock market reality. Here she meets Firoz Sethna (Farouque Shaikh), an ethical but cranky and eccentric stockbroker, who teaches her the ropes of correct investing.

Nitya gets pulled into daily life at the call centre–she and Ritesh develop a wonderful relationship. She tries to warn him that Kirti is using him, but Ritesh believes that all human beings are essentially good. He says he loves Kirti for her spirit and, even though she pushes him around, she’ll realise how much he loves her and things will change.

In the colony, the kitty party ladies feel that Vinita is up to something dubious. What’s the low-down on her? Why did she leave her husband? Why is her house getting swankier? Why is she meeting a strange man? When they confront Vinita, she shares her stock market fortunes with them and soon kitty conversations about TV soaps switch to conversations on Indian business and investments.

And now for the twist. As life’s uncanny logic kicks in, Kirti meets Yash. Nitya is caught in the crossfire as Kirti plays Ritesh and Nitya to suit her whims. And soon the colony realises Kirti’s love affair is not good for their health.

Yash Modi’s father Ketan Modi owns a large share of the financial call centre M & M in which Ritesh and Nitya work in. Vinita and her colony friends have recently invested in the company based on news that Yash is to marry the daughter of the Macmillan Financial Group’s owner.

But ladies’ prayers that things don’t work out between Kirti and Yash are realised. Kirti finds out that Yash never had any intention to marry her. So she agrees to marry Ritesh, who doesn’t know anything about the rich boyfriend.

As the kitty ladies have invested emotionally and financially in the company, Ritesh marrying Kirti is best for everyone and Nitya, despite her feelings for Ritesh, watches the wedding morning arrive in silence.

Vinita sees her daughter’s dilemma and finally tells her the real reason behind her coming to Navi Mumbai–her husband had left her for a younger woman. She didn’t want Nitya to deal with the pressure or the gossip. Nitya realises that her mother getting together with the kitty ladies was cool after all.

So what will Nitya do now. Will she try to get back her man? But if Yash married Kirti, it would break Ritesh’s heart and spell financial disaster for the colony’s amateur investors. Or will she let things be?

Watch Saas Bahu Aur Sensex to find out how Vinita and her daughter find their place in the masala of the Navi Mumbai–with the stock market fluctuations, kitty parties and soap operas.

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