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Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Ishita, Vedika
A R Rehman
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Debutant Director Kala Prabhu's Sakkarakatti is an amateurish, self- indulgent experiment. The film doesn't work because the writing is flawed and the director seems to be absolutely lost.

The film borrows its basic plot and scenes from half a dozen Candy-floss love stories from Bollywood. In the first half it is boy-meets-girl scenes plus four songs and post interval the film nosedives drastically, its screenplay skidding off the path and going into a predictable territory.

There is a happy-go-lucky guy Yuvaraj (Shantanoo) who has two girls falling head-over –heels with him! He is in love with his college mate Deepali (Ishita) but his cousin (Vedika) confesses her love even after she comes to know about Raj's love for Deepali. Soon some silly misunderstanding crop up between the lovers as they unite in a predictable manner in the climax with Raj bending down on one knee to propose ( a la Dil Chahta Hai).

Sadly, this is no great story. In fact, it's a melodramatic love story without a soul. The songs of AR Rahman are shot pathetically with some shoddy graphics like bombs, fish, butterflies, flying witches, birds (SFX team of Ocher Studios) inserted in all the songs! Even the much hyped Taxi Taxi.. song falls flat.

The director has tried to give all the characters in the film an upmarket look and feel.You have fashionable mothers dressed in chiffons, in the heroine house they use fork and knife when they eat pastas and noodles, the hero and his gang are all fair looking yuppie guys who have Tropicana juice when they get up in the morning, Everybody talks in English with an American accent! The hero's mother when they leave the house in his custody along with his gang says- "No videos, no immoral activity"!

There's very little you can say about the performance from the three lead actors, and that's a pity because they've been let down by such a terrible script and poor characterisation. Shantanoo has that star quality to him which is so rare to find these days. But he is wasted in a role in which he just romance his heroines and dances.

Ishita is earnest and sincere but just can't act and lacks nativity. Vedika has nothing much to do. The parents of the lead pair look like cardboard caricatures, lifeless and dull as they rattle off ridiculous dialogues trying to sound like they have something profound to say.

Our sympathies are with Bhagyaraj sir, the wizard of script writing. He could definitely have taken a closer look at the script, before finalizing it. We are sure Shantanoo, would bounce back with a better script and plot in his next outing.

Thank God the film is just two hours and when the film finally ends, you feel like you've come out of battle. It's an average film with hardly anything new to offer.

Verdict: Amateurish


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