Samantha: I always wanted a family, be a good mother and wife

Last Updated: Tue, May 08, 2018 14:48 hrs

Ahead of the release of Irumbu Thirai and Nadigaiyar Thilagam, Samantha had a group interaction with the Tamil media in which the actress spoke about casting couch, the life of married actresses in the industry and her preferences in life.

“I know how big it is to prove that a married actress can be successful in the film industry. Though I want to have a family and eventually settle down, will set the precedence for the future heroines. Yes, it’s a very big move but will try to make a mark,” says Samantha who feels things are changing in Bollywood especially after Anushka Sharma got married and continues to act in films and now, Sonam Kapoor is getting married.

“Yes Bollywood is different but no one said anything bad about me in Rangasthalam. Maybe, if I continue to do good to roles and refuse the usual commercial heroine characters, they can’t ignore me,” said Samantha.

Samantha had to face online trolls and abuse for the kissing scene in Rangasthalam. “But my family was supportive, they asked me to ignore the Twitter trolls. In fact, they understand how cinema works and handle things with a great maturity. Actually, I kissed only on the cheek and not on the lip. But the question here is, people ask all these questions only to a heroine, they will not ask a married superstar on whether their market would be reduced after marriage. If I continue choosing normal roles, people can question me but I have decided to be choosy and accept films which provide me with good scope for acting. I’m not someone who wants to get highlighted in the posters. For example, in Mahanati, I’m not playing the titular role but my character is powerful. I’m in search for roles that I get connected to. If people say I justified the character, that is enough for me. I’m not a person who wants to be in five songs, it’s more about enjoying my work and justifying the characters offered to me."

Samantha is also running an NGO named Prathyusha and saved the lives of nearly 500 children, she is also a proud ambassador of handloom products in Telangana. “I’m continuously working with my NGO to help kids. We already saved 500 children, you can see all the details on our website. In Telangana, there is a new government and they are ready to make the change, they are contacting celebrities like Sania Mirza, PV Sindhu and they are bringing them to the forefront. Tamil Nadu is my birthplace but I don’t know whom to get in touch with. People from Chennai arts and crafts council have approached me for a campaign and I have given my nod.”

Though Samantha dubbed for Mahanati, she couldn’t lend her voice for her scenes in Irumbu Thirai. “I was busy with the continuous shoot and Mahanati dubbing. I couldn’t dub for Irumbu Thirai because of the strike and all of a sudden, we also got the release date,” said Samantha who is likely to dub for Sivakarthikeyan’s Seema Raja which she calls as a trademark Ponram film.

Samantha says her future plan is to definitely start a family but she also wants to be associated with the film industry in some way. “For eight years, I only studied cinema and don’t know anything else. I wish to do something which is associated with the film industry,” says the actress who always had marriage as her top priority. “I don’t know about others, if they find the right person, they would marry. My priority is that I always wanted a family, have a baby and be a good mother and good wife,” said the actress.

Talking about casting couch, Samantha said: “Such things exist in every industry and workplace. I can’t comment on each and everyone’s virtue. but I can say one thing after working in this industry for eight years, it’s been my home and I believe in all my heart that I have met the best people here, they are helpful, loyal and beautiful human beings. I can’t think of moving out of the industry even after having a baby. There will be a few black sheep but that is why we are starting a forum for grievances. It's a good step and like in corporate companies, stringent rules will soon be incorporated in the industry.”

Talking about Naga Chaitanya, the actress says “He is very supportive and actually, I have limited the long outdoor schedules these days. If I have free time, would go to his shooting spot. Chay also strongly supports that married woman should continue working. After 6 PM, we don’t talk much about cinema. He actually has given me the best piece of advice and told me to treat cinema as a job and not as life.”

Samantha is also aware of the injustice happening to women in India and child abuses. “Well, our Government has taken the first step by passing the ordinance and ensured death for raping kids. As we know, other countries have brutal punishment for rape and I hope soon, there will be another ordinance announcing death for rape crime irrespective of any age," she said.

Samantha is currently busy with the shoot of U-Turn remake, she also has a powerful role in Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s Super Deluxe.