Samuthirakani: Not only in cinema, harassment against women happens everywhere

Last Updated: Tue, May 23, 2017 09:59 hrs

Whenever you meet Samuthirakani, the conversation turns out to be memorable like you bumped into an old friend.

Kani’s Thondan is all set to release this Friday, where he plays an ambulance driver. “Actually, we should call them a pilot. One fine day, Gopinath (Neeya Naana) told me about 108 services and then, I met its head here in Chennai. The total setup was like a corporate office, people who call them on the other end would be emotionally depressed but the workers have to be calm and act without any stress. I was told people who used to drive lorries and other vehicles are joined emergency service to contribute something to the society but they allowed to touch the ambulance only after proper training”, briefs the National Award Winning actor.

“In my directorial films, I make sure to convey a solid message to the society but at the same time, we have to entertain. If audiences laugh out loud in the theater, they will definitely get into the film and absorb the conveyed message. In Thondan, I’ve dealt about humanity”, adds Samuthirakani on why he constantly delivers message-driven films.

But directors like you are not working with big heroes, your films and message will get more reach with them, right? “We are ready but they have to show interest. I think you have to ask this question to all the big heroes out there”, says the director.

Apart from Samuthirakani, Thondan has Vikranth in an important role and at the press meet, director Bala was in full praise for him. “We should always help out right talents, Sasikumar did it for me in Subramaniapuram. Vikranth has done a commendable job, you should watch the film and tell me”, smiles Kani.

Though you have been portraying heroines in a dignified manner, Varalaksmi recently walked out of your Malayalam remake of Appa because of … Kani interrupts “If you are talking about harassment against women, it’s happening everywhere but the spotlight falls on cinema because we are in showbiz. Each and every individual should change, they have to see other women like their family member. One can’t change it by shouting in public meetings, the change has to happen within ourselves”.

Besides Thondan, Kani plays an important role in Vada Chennai. “I play a daring role in the film, Vetrimaaran is a dear friend and I will do anything for him. If Vetri asks me to run naked, will do it for him”, says Samuthirakani, who calls Dhanush as his brother. “Dhanush’s Wundebar Films is like a family for me, I’ve already worked in VIP, Amma Kanakku, we have finished VIP 2 and Vada Chennai is progressing at a brisk pace”, adds Kani.

Kani recently tweeted that if someone criticizes Baahubali 2, he would wallop them. “Yes, salute to SS Rajamouli, he brought people who haven’t visited theaters for twenty years. I challenge all these critics, they can’t even execute single scene of Baahubali 2. I like winners and love runners-up but not people who sit outside the stadium and simply pass comments. A good critic should embrace struggling filmmakers, they can point out positives and negatives but it should be constructive. Personally, I don’t take negativity to my heart ”, signs off the director.

- Rajasekar S

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