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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 24 March 2008

Movie Title



Sakthi Chidambaram

Star Cast

Sundar C, Nadia Moidu, Ragini, Lalu Alex

Sundar.C as a director used to make films for B and C audiences. After he turned hero, he continues to woo the same mass viewers with B-grade action movies laced with comedy bordering on the lewd, glamour, item songs, village milieu and above all cheap ladies sentiments.

So why should Sundar change from his trusted formula in his new film Sandai produced and directed by his friend Sakthi Chidambaram? The tag line of the film clearly says it is an ?action Thiruvizha?. Thanks for the friendly tip off, as you prepare yourself by stuffing your ears with cotton, before stepping into this loud ?dishum-dishum? movie.

Story- Sundar and his directors normally pinch scenes and develop it from old Tamil films and the occasional Jackie Chan comedies! This time the plot is taken from two old Rajinikanth films Mapillai and Mannan, and hero introduction scene straight from Vijay?s Madurai.

Thangalakshmi (Nadia Moidu) is a rich tycoon living in Bangkok who is determined to marry her daughter Abhi (Ragini) to another rich man with the marriage to take place in Kothamangalam her native village near Coimbatore. She wants to take revenge on her relatives especially her brother (Lalu Alex) who she feels was responsible for killing her husband a former Collector (Nepolean).

In her village she gets the help of a mercenary Kathi (Sundar.C) to be her daughter?s bodyguard, and also appoints a personal assistant Mani (Vivek). The marriage with the Bangkok guy falls through due to Kathi and Mani?s machinations and in a twist Kathi ties the ?Thali? around Abhi?s neck with the blessing of Thangalakshmi. After marriage Kathi reveals that he is Kathiresan and is her nephew!

A furious Thangalakshmi goes berserk and decides to go back to Bangkok with her daughter. At the same time Kathiresan challenges her to send Abhi to his house for 10 days, during which he will convince her of his true love and win her over, if he fails she can go back with her mother. The rest of the film is how Kathiresan wins over Abhi and also tames his mother-in-law.

Here is regressive piece of kitsch, with over-the-top loud performances. The plot degenerates into a farce in the second half of this tedious film as it tumbles to an all?s-well-that- concludes-well end. The comedy scenes of Vivek and Sundar, Namitha?s glamorous seduction act (she plays a Karakatakari lusting after Sundar!), Nadiya?s Bangkok wannabe son-in-law mistaking her for the bride create enough and more raunchy situations. Vivek has repeated his double role of Nattamai and son act (last enacted by the comedian in Thoondil, released last month!), and for good measure thrown in yester year sex-bomb Jyothilakshmi as his long lost mother!

Nadiya, why do you do such a clich?d role of an arrogant and glamorous mother-in-law, who in a ?dream? dances with her son-in-law? Sundar.C has to improve his dialogue delivery and dancing, Ragini can?t act nor does she look glamorous, Namitha goes through her usual gyrations. Dheena?s recycled music is loud and jarring.

At the end of this ordeal you wonder what today?s modern viewer in B & C find in a Sundar.C type crass mass masala?

Verdict- Dishum- Dishum!

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