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M S Manu
Kunchacko Boban, Richa, Ananya
Jayan Pisharody
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There is no point in mincing words, director M S Manuís Sandwich is a blatant example of irresponsible filmmaking. Here is a clear case of taking the viewers for a ride and everyone involved in this ridiculous exercise owes an explanation for simply wasting the time and money of the hapless viewers.

The story begins with an accident, when a techie Sai (Kunchacko Boban) crashes his car into another. The driver of the other car gets killed and soon, some gun shots are fired at Sai, who is evidently shaken up. The next morning he learns from a daily that the dead man was actually a dreaded gangster!

Life becomes a hell for Sai, who was all set to marry his childhood sweetheart Sruthy (Richa). Murugan (Vijayakumar), who had shot at Sai at the accident spot, is vying to seek revenge for his brotherís death. In fact, he believes that Sai had purposefully killed the gangster.

Adding to the woes is Andippetty Naicker (Suraj Venjarammoodu), the leader of the rival gang, who is excited that his enemy is dead. Now, he wants Sai to marry his daughter Kanmani (Ananya).

At first the viewer believes that it is a thriller in the offing and after a while, things turn out to be comical. Then, there are some attempts to murder Sai and Kanmani cautions him about the evil nature of her dad. Well, it could be confusing but by then you are sure that this one is going to be a damp squib. Sadly, even worse things are in store with an absurd climax sequence.

The only curious thing here is to understand how director M S Manu and scenarist Ratheesh Sukumaran managed to rope in the technicians and the cast to join their silly misadventure. The makers are clearly eyeing at the satellite rights, which some of the stars seems to command. Pradeep Nairís visuals and Jayan Pisharodyís tunes are pretty ordinary.

Kunchacko Boban was continuously going wrong in his choice of his films some years back which eventually resulted in his exit from the industry. Even after making a successful comeback, it is surprising that he is continuing with the same errors. He has nothing much to do in his role other than what he has been doing all along in most of his films.

Richa continues with her wooden expressions, while Ananya is wasted in an unbelievably inconsequential role. Suraj Venjarammoodu is once again doing the same old tricks, which looks jaded and ineffective to the core.

Sandwich (it is not clear what the relevance of the title is) can be rated among the worst films in recent memory. Even an eminently forgettable Dr.Love, which was Kunchackoís earlier release, could look like a gem when compared to this.

Skip this Sandwich and save your health!

Verdict: Avoidable


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