Sangitha Krish: We lost our credibility because of Arya's sole decision!

Last Updated: Sat, Apr 28, 2018 12:14 hrs
Enga Veetu Maapilai

Wherever Arya goes, celebrities and common people are trolling him for cheating audiences with Enga Veetu Maapillai show. The actor said he needs more time and refused to marry one among the three finalists of the show. Not only Arya, the show’s host Sangitha Krish is also facing the heat.

Reacting to all the criticisms, Sangitha tweeted “I sincerely apologise to all the genuine Fans of #EVM who felt cheated.. I’m sure it was quite shock for everyone.. Though we lost our credibility cos of Arya’s sole decision but our intentions were definitely not to cheat sorry guys”.

Sangitha also responded to people who asked her to stop hosting/anchoring shows, the actress posted “And to all the people who had warned &commented as to give up on anchoring & work, please send me ur address & number so that I can send across my monthly bills for u guys to pay.Hope I’ve made my point clear to all friends in Twitter. And yes there would still be a lot of cross questions cropping up..seriously guys ,we all have a life.. If u r bored there r better things to investigate in our society rather than digging in to ARYA’S personal decision”.