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Murali Mohan
Shivarajkumar, H.T.Sangliana, Sridevika, Arathi Chabria, Komalkumar
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This run-of-the-mill action mass masala has nothing new to offer. The content of the film is so cliché d and predictable seen in half a dozen old Shivrajkumar films.But here the hero has three shades and he has done some very good emotional scenes. The net result is stop rowdyism and the narration is breath taking at some places.

Santha (Shivarajkumar) hails from a village. He comes to the city to earn money for the treatment of his two mentally ill sisters. He wants his sisters to be like other normal girls. He is innocent and runs a taxi in Bangalore. In one of the real estate dealings of a land mafia he is caught accidentally. He pleads his innocence but police department frame him as a rowdy. For showing his guts in the daylight Santha is pushed inside the four walls. Around this time he loses his mother and two sisters because they are not able to tolerate the insult.

Santha bounces back like a tiger from the prison and forms his own team. In a short time he becomes No.1 deal master. He becomes so powerful that no one can supersede him. He is also trying to nail down the evils in the society but his presence is a great worry for the main underworld don Naga. It is because Naga received lethal blows from Santha and he has narrowly escaped from death. The nexus between Santha and Naga worries the police.

The retired commissioner of police of Bangalore H.T.Sangliana (H.T.Sangliana was former super cop who is now sitting Member of Parliament) is pressed in to action. But his men are suppressed by Santha. With no option left Sangliana catch hold of Santha's lover Ramya (Arathi Chabria). In this meeting the police commissioner knows the innocence of Santha and how he became rowdy in the society.

From the flash back of Santha, police commissioner decides to give clean chit to Santha provided he surrender to police and stop his activities. But it is almost the climax time now. Santha settles his score with the last person in his list. In this bloody battle Santha emerges winner but loses his earlier fiancé Lakshmi (Sridevika).

Shivarajkumar has different make up in this film. His walking style and diction is also different. He does well in emotion and action scenes. In one of the songs Bagavantha Kaiya Kotta…., he reminds his father Dr.Rajakumar. Arathi Chabria and Sridevika have given very good performance. GSV Seetharam has done excellent job as the greenery, village background, the hideouts are shown with natural lights.

Strictly for action lovers and fans of Shivarajkumar!

Verdict - Average


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