Santhanam in trouble with his big mouth

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 31, 2013 12:38 hrs

​Santhanam is getting into trouble due to his on screen utterances. Recently his dialogues in All in All Azhaguraja where he poked fun at Mukesh and anti-smoking campaign got him into trouble. Subsequently on censor insistence the entire scene was chopped from the film.

Now women’s rights group has criticised his dialogue in Endrendrum Punnagai trailer. In the trailer when a lady in office tells Santhanam’s character in the film “Anju pathu pogalamnu irukken” (I intend to leave office by 5.10), he says “Paaka nalla thaana irukka, Aayiram rendayirathuke pogalame.”

This was construed as a very sexist remark that degrades women. These kind of sexist jokes and attacks has got Santhanam into trouble in the past, with the censors. He has to be a little more careful before he shoots off his mouth in future.