Santhosh Subramaniam

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 13 April 2008

Movie Title

Santhosh Subramaniam



Star Cast

Jayam Ravi, Genelia, Prakash Raj, Geeta

Who can resist a clean vanilla love story? This week's new release Santhosh Subramaniam just fits the bill. If all you're looking for is a good time pass at the movies, then it might be your right choice - it's light and frothy and is two-and-a-half-hours well spent.

M.Raja a past master at remakes is once again a winner. It is a faithful remake of Telugu Bommarillu and you can relate to each and every character, which has a subtle yet important message for parents and a film that could change your life. It's simple charm, immensely likeable characters, and the intrinsic humour in the writing makes it a must watch.

It is an entertainer in the true sense of the word, mixing up genre elements like comedy, drama, action and emotion to create a heady broth. Santhosh (Ravi) is a nice guy, bright and intelligent brought under the guidance of his industrialist father, a strict disciplinarian Subramaniam (Prakash Raj). He is a sort of dictator who decides everything right from the dress he wears to the way he should behave and talk. They all live in a happy joint family with a demure mother (Geetha), daughters, an elder son and his family.

The over-bearing Subramaniam fixes Santhosh?s wedding though our hero?s only desire in life is that he wants to decide his own future and the girl he marries! A frustrated Santhosh bumps into Hasini (Genelia) a vibrant, hyperactive, innocent girl, daughter of a middle class employee of a temple (Sayaji Shinde). They soon fall in love and when Santhosh?s dad comes to know about it, he asks him to bring Hasini to their house and stay for a week.

Hasini comes to live in Santhosh?s house and wins over each and every family member but in a turn of events she leaves his home and how the lovers unite in the end forms the rest of the story. Right away you sympathize with Santhosh the complex relationship that he shares with his father. The love between the lead pair is weaved in a cute manner.

The real magic of this film lies in the performance of Genelia as Hasini. Uninhibited and spontaneous, she is the soul of the film and its biggest strength. We just can?t think that any actress could play Hasini better than Genelia which made the makers cast her in the same role that she did in the original.

Despite the risk of being overshadowed by Genelia, Jayam Ravi has done his best and his hard work shows in screen especially his dance. His mature performance in the climax confrontation scenes with Prakash Raj, where he breaks down and spills all the frustrations that he was carrying over years is touching. Infusing his character with energy and spunk, he delivers the goods. Prakash Raj is simply outstanding and does a neat job

Devi Sri Prasad?s music is another highlight of the film, though all the tunes have been faithfully copied from the Telugu original. Atata atata atata? a melodious romantic number written by Na Muthukumar and sung by Siddharth of Boys fame, who also did the lead role in the Telugu original is the pick of the lot.

Santhosh Subramaniam brings the fun back into movies. It is a triumph of honest screenplay and the film will stay in our hearts for a long, long time. Go for it.


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