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Sarochaaru review

Ravi Teja, Kajal Agarwal, Richa Gangopadhyay, Nara Rohit
Devi Sri Prasad
Priyanka Dutt
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Sarocharu clearly comes as an experiment in the happening career of Ravi Teja, who always found himself on the top of the industry with the title Mass Maharaja and even doing justice to it.

However, Sarocharu casts him altogether in a class role, a football coach, completely bereft of the mass dialogues and mannerism and his inimitable sarcasm onscreen. Above all, despite technical drawbacks in several of his films, Ravi Teja has the enviable credit of pulling them single handed at least to a breakeven status.

Shot in the backdrop of Italy, one would imagine that it could be love in the Mediterranean, but not so.

Sandhya (Kajal), a rich girl, happens to meet Kartik (Ravi Teja) on the sands of the Mediterranean Sea, while she is on the verge of leaving for India after completing her studies. The result is love at first sight, at least for her. All her efforts to woo him fail and she finally begs him to consider her feelings while both are on their way to India.

The hero then talks about how is already married, and is likely to divorce his wife, due to “incompatibility issues”.

Sandhya neck-deep in infatuation, or call it love, for Kartik says that if she were his wife, she would have adjusted to him all the way. The hero soon reveals that what he told her is a mere cock and bull story. By then, Sandhya gets ready to get married to her relative Gautham (Nara Rohit). What happens next, forms the crux of the story, though predictable.

Ravi Teja has given a credible performance. In a class role, totally away from his rib-tickling one liners and electrifying dances and stunts, he looks adequate, but disappoints his fans. His comedy timing and action are not substitutes. Kajal steals the show with her energetic performance.

Richa Gangopadhyay`s role has no scope for performance but she looked good and hot in romantic scenes. Nara Rohit came out with a cool performance as Gautam and others like Chandra Mohan, Jayasudha, MS Narayana did their roles to perfection.

Director Parasuram scripted a good storyline and even included some interesting twists. But, the movie lacked sufficient comedy and totally went out of sync with the regular histrionics of the hero. Slow narration, powerless plot and poor screenplay and completely class moments ditched the movie. One would say immediately that Ravi Teja is not the man for it.

Production values are rich. Devi Sri Prasad`s music is good and comes as the saving grace. Editing could have been better. Vijay Chakravarthy`s cinematography is nice.

The chances of the movie winning at the box office looks bleak with the industry projection saying that neither the mass nor the class audience might be ready to take it.

Verdict: A big Letdown


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