Sasikumar: Ashok Kumar was my shadow!

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 22, 2017 09:28 hrs

After registering a complaint at the police station on his co-producer Ashok Kumar’s suicide, Sasikumar spoke to the media along with his industry friends Ameer, Cheran, and Karu. Palaniappan.

“Ashok Kumar, my cousin was like a shadow to me. He took care of Company Productions and just before the release of my film, he was under depression due to financial issues. He has written a suicide note, I can talk anything more”, said an emotionally choked Sasikumar.

Sources say that Sasikumar’s Kodiveeran is slated to release on November 30 but Ashok Kumar couldn’t settle the money he borrowed from leading financier Anbu, who is said to have allegedly threatened the co-producer saying that the women and elderly members in the family would be kidnapped.