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Sasirekha Parinayam

Sasirekha Parinayam
Krishna Vamsi
Tarun, Genelia, Ahuti Prasad, Subbaraju
Mani Sharma
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A quixotic tale, the story begins on the setting of Amalapuram where a marriage is about to happen. This is the marriage of Sasirekha (Genelia) and she is not aware of that till she reaches the place.

Her father Babu Rao (Ahuti) is a stern man and insists on his will in all the matters of the family. With no other choice, Sasi escapes from home and in this process; she bumps across Anand (Tarun).

Anand gets attracted to her. He begins helping her at all times and what follows is a journey that begins from Rajahmundry and goes to Vizag.

Meanwhile, Babu Rao and his men are searching for Sasi. To add to the woes, the groom's father Chalasani (Paruchuri) files a legal case against Babu Rao. On the other hand, the journey between Sasi and Anand grows into friendship and the attachment goes strong. Why is Anand helping out Sasi? Does she finally escape from the clutches of marriage? All this forms the rest of the story.

Tarun has come up with a rather passive role this time and unlike his regular smart shows, he has remained quite mature and delivers a neat performance. The life of the film is definitely Genelia and she has shown the varied emotions from innocence, sadness, romance and anger in equal proportions without a hitch.

She is perfect fit for the role. Ahuti Prasad has been excellent and has given top notch performance, Subbaraju was apt, Paruchuri did his bit with standard, M S was humourous. The others added well to the film. The director has come out with a routine plot but then it was his narration and presentation that gets full credit.

The dialogues are witty, the script was written neatly and the screenplay was masterly. The music was fit to the situation and two songs are worth taking back home. Cinematography did a good job covering the locales. Editing could have been better. The locations are picturesque. The other departments contributed well.

Genelia, locations and screenplay are some of the positive points. Few scenes are lengthy. While the first half goes about revolving around the initial stages of friendship and the adventure, the second half is more on the emotional and romantic aspect. Overall, the pace was a bit mild but it went well with the story.

One needs to watch it with a cool and relaxed mind so that the journey of the lead pair can be enjoyed. The film will appeal to the youth audience in a big way and it is neat enough for the family audience to relish it. This will surely be a profit grosser at the box office.

Verdict: Entertaining


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