Satta - Review Continued

Source: Sify

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 8 February 2003

Movie Title

Satta - Review Continued


Madhur Bhandarkar

Star Cast

Raveena Tandon, Atul Kulkarni,Sameer Dharmadhikari

Anuradha is shown to be street-smart and yet, she asks na?ve questions like what under-world dons and businessmen are doing in a party thrown by politicians! Her assumption that her political mentor was principled appears too ridiculous to be true! This, when she has seen his shrewd and opportunistic side too well. All these are blatant flaws in the script and serve to expose the lack of application on the part of the script writer. Another example of convenient screenplay writing: two main villains in the film (Anuradha?s husband and her mentor) are killed by their opponents rather than being finished off in a game of the mind. Anuradha?s revolt against her husband and in-laws mainly within the four walls of her house is not what one expected in a political film. The audience would?ve been far happier had she humiliated them politically. The only time she does that is towards the end when she supports her father-in-law?s political opponent.

The entire game of politics has been over-simplified in the film. The viewer would get the impression that everything?s very simple for a politician.

Dialogues (Manoj Tyagi and Madhur Bhandarkar) are raw and effective at places but even they don?t have the impact they should?ve had, because of the shoddy screenplay. Why, the film drops every ten minutes or so. It is extremely slow also. The climax, in which Anuradha pitches for the genuine politician, doesn?t appeal much if only because the genuine guy does nothing worthwhile throughout the film. It, therefore, gives the viewer a feeling that Anuradha is fighting a battle for an inconsequential guy.

Raveena Tandon does extremely well as Anuradha. Atul Kulkarni, as her mentor, is excellent. Sameer Dharmadhikari makes a confident big-screen debut and delivers an impressive performance as Anuradha?s husband. Srivallabh Vyas shines as Anuradha?s father-in-law. Govind Namdev is superb as Srivallabh Vyas? arch-rival. Manoj Joshi acts ably. Amardeep Jha is good. Anju Mahendroo, Saadhika Randhawa (special appearance), Suchitra Pillai (special appearance) and the rest lend fair support.

Madhur Bhandarkar?s biggest achievement in the film is that he has extracted good performances out of his talented cast. Having under-performed in the writing department (alongwith Manoj Tyagi), he also does not excel in the direction department. Music (Raju Singh) is appropriate to the mood of the film. ?Gungunati hai? (class-appealing) and ?More saiyyan bhaye kotwal? (mass-appealing) are melodious. Background score is effective. Camerawork (Madhu S. Rao) is good. Production values are ordinary. Technically, alright.

On the whole, Satta is a non-starter. Pretending to be an intellectual film, it would not even appeal to the intelligentsia because it offers nothing new.

Komal Nahta

India Syndicate