Satya in Love


Sunday 30 March 2008

Movie Title

Satya in Love


Ragav Loki

Star Cast

Shivarajakumar, Genelia,Srinath, Sangeetha, Vinayaprakash, Bullet Prakash

This much hyped film from hat trick hero (Anand, Mana Mechchida Hudugi and Rathasapthami ) Shivrajkumar does not live up to the expectations. The manner in which the protagonist follows the heroine despite her refusal is a bit hard to digest. While chilling stunts gather attention, the Telugu language used liberally in the film is vexing. The expectation from first time director Raghav Loki who attained importance even before the release has not come to last long. The importance given to the first half is not carried forward after the interval is a big disappointment indeed.

Sathya is modern in outlook but he does not keep a mobile phone! The director has not cared to establish where he works or his background. But the audience would really find the necessity of a mobile phone especially when Sathya sees a girl sitting opposite to his parents in the train at the Mantrayalam railway station. Sathya stays back in Mantrayala to trace the girl who disturbed his mind. He runs into various get ups to trace the lovely lady Veda (Genelia) but nothing turns fruitful. In the meantime Veda had heard the haunting tune (like how Ramya hears in the film 'Excuse Me' tuned by Ajay Rao) and she has not seen Sathya.

After frantic search, Sathya finally traces her address from the railway station. But when he is back to this place, a ladies hostel Veda has checked out from here to Kurnool for her holiday vacation. Sathya travels to Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh where he is mobbed by the hard and harsh people time again. But our hero beats up everyone and finds Veda in the house of Ranga Reddy her brother. Driven out, from there, Sathya finds on the same day the tune what he played from the mouth organ. Then he is confirmed that Veda is in love with him. Actually this is the tune that brings them very near but the problem is Ranga Reddy and Veda's family.

The brutal past in the family makes Veda reject Sathya but proceedings point to something else. Sathya wins after a big battle and full of struggle. Shivarajkumar hair style is different but that is not giving extra edge for him. His action and dance are superb. Fair and lovely girl Genelia gets the attention of audiences and she is cute. In the supporting roles Srinath, Sangeetha, Vinayaprakash, Bullet Prakash and Komalkumar steal the show.

Four of the songs in this film Nodalavalu fair and lovely?, Thane Thanthane Preethi Anthane?..., Bandha Bandha Bandha Kole Basava?., Romanchana?.are worth hearing. Music director Gurukiran does excellent job in his 50th Kannada film. M.R.Seenu very attractive camera work, some lovely sets especially the one on the mountains of Chintamani for the climax is remarkable. Verdict: Average

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