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Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu

Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu
Shyju Anthikkad
Lal, Navya Nair
Krish Kymal
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Just a few scenes into director Shyju Anthikkad's film, Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu we are pretty sure where things are heading. Still, we would hope there would be some surprises in store. No such luck here and this one turn out to be predictable, melodramatic and insipid to the core.

Ottappalam Unni (Lal) is a widely respected associate director of films, who dreams to make his own debut as an independent director soon. But after he had beaten up a producer, almost everyone from the clan is hesitant to give him a chance.

Unni is a perfect family man, with a loving wife Manju (Navya Nair) a schoolteacher and their son, who gives him their wholehearted support. Remember Udayananu Tharam, which narrated a similar theme but in a superb way? Though the basic plot is the same, with a pace that would make you cringe in the seat and sequences that are usually seen in some of those never ending serials on TV, this film is a test of your patience.

Worse still, director Shyju Anthikkad and scenarist Shylesh Divakaran have perhaps added most ingredients to get the dramatic feel. The often-repeated staff room sequences, the hero's cronies who would come up with silly dialogues to make the viewers laugh, the technicians in films with hearts of gold and the snide remarks aimed at the 'ill mannered' superstars and the roving eyed producers, which are staple ingredients of films of this genre, finds a place here too.

In all fairness, Lal and Navya Nair have performed in a dedicated manner, which gives this ordinary fare some worth. Thilakan, one of the finest actors on Indian screen who passed away recently, faced the camera for the final time in this film. He is brilliant as always and the rest of cast has done their roles in a fine way.

There is a dialogue in Scene Onnu Namude Veedu where the character played by Lal states that it is easy for anyone to criticize a movie, but can they make one themselves?

Hope those involved in the making of this irrelevant saga realize now that good films can only be made by real talents!

Verdict: Below Average


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