Selvaraghavan gets caught in a storm in Georgia!

Last Updated: Sat, Jul 21, 2012 05:35 hrs
<i>Irandam Ulagam</i>: First Look

The unit of PVP Cinemas Selvaraghavan directed IrandamUlagam is working hard to complete the film in record time.

They are shooting in the cold climes of Georgia in Europe with Arya and Anushka.

However, due to very little sunlight and hostile terrain the shoot is getting delayed. 

The area is known for heavy snowfall and a recent storm has wreaked devastation which has left the unit saddened.

Selvaraghavan who is wielding the megaphone has tweeted: “Went through the biggest hailstorm in Georgia last night. There are broken trees and roofless houses everywhere. Felt so sad for them."

Due to Irandam Ulagam shoot getting delayed the dates of Arya and Anushka have gone haywire.  The unit of Karthi’s Alex Pandian has been waiting for Anushka’s dates to complete two songs for the film.

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