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Jayaram, Kunchacko Boban, Biju Menon, Manoj K Jayan, Padmapriya, Ananya, Meera Nandan
by Jassie Gift, Alex Paul and Alphons
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Four friends who had left college long back, decide to continue with their studies at the campus after 14 years.

The catch here is that they have a mystery to solve. Vysakh, who directed the super hit Pokkiri Raja last year, is back with this masala entertainer. In all fairness, the basic premise looks good and the film has its moments as well, but even then it turns out to be a rather bumpy ride especially with a weak climax.

It is Padmanabhan (Jayaram), who convinces his friends – painter Rex Emmanuel (Kunchacko Boban), ladies’ store owner Rasheed Munna (Manoj K Jayan) and planter Philip Idiculla (Biju Menon) - to rejoin the college where they studied more than a decade back.

Munna and Idiculla are already married and have a tough time convincing their wives about the plans. They blackmail the principal in a rather silly way to get the admission. There are some eminently funny moments from then on, though one would wonder why almost every joke is in some way connected to booze or sex?

The escapades of the seniors at the campus are at times shocking even to the juniors there. Of course, some of the scenes are genuinely hilarious. Sachi and Sethu, who have scripted films like Chocolate, Robin Hood and Doubles, and director Vysakh have made things look pretty loud. Shaji’s visuals are good and the music by Jassie Gift, Alex Paul and Alphons perhaps suit the mood.

But even then one gets the feeling that the script could have been much better. Rewind the story in your mind once the end titles start rolling and it is evident that there are far too many loose ends that defy logic which could leave you with several questions. Of course, we won’t spoil your fun explaining it all now and the director has narrated the story in a pace which keeps you engaged all along.

The four member gang is evidently having a gala time, but there is not much that we haven’t seen in their earlier films. Still, Biju Menon steals the show mostly, as his character is genuine and has the best lines in the film. The female leads which include Ananya, Padmapriya, Meera Nandan, Jyothirmayi and Radha Varma have done their parts pretty fine. The rest of the cast have nothing much to do.

Seniors is perhaps expected to be enjoyed without thinking too much about the logic or the lack of it. With not many worthy options to choose from, this one could qualify as an Okay entertainer.

Verdict: Watchable


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