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Saturday 30 April 2005

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Star Cast

Jai Akash, Raj Kiran, Misha, Kalabhavan Mani, Seeta

Sevvel is another film from Jai Akash assembly of films to launch himself as a big hero. His guts have to be commented as he released this film with three biggies during the Tamil New year weekend. While provision has to be made for suspension of disbelief in popular entertainment, this one stretches belief and endurance too.

Sevvel alias Raja (Jai Akash) mission in life is to vindicate his father?s soiled reputation. Sudalai (Raj Kiran) a village chieftain was humiliated by the cops and he is forced to be a driver of a lady politician.

One day the politician gets killed by her lawyer Parasuram (Kalabhavan Mani) and Sudalai is framed up for the murder by the scheming lawyer. All this happened while our hero Sevvel was a child. Sudalai is imprisoned and mother (Seeta) dies of shock. Sevvel grows up into a brilliant lawyer and the father and son meet without realising their true identity!

How Sevvel takes revenge on on Parasuram and clears his father?s name forms the rest of the predictable yarn. The script is a big let down and the film starts sagging even before interval.

Raj Kiran is repetitive in emotional scenes and Jai Akash has improved in his performance. New girl Misha has nothing much to do. Kalabhavan Mani proves once again that he is good at mimicry. All in all a disappointing venture from a debutant director.

Verdict: Bore

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