Sexy Yana swears by 'Nariyal Pani'

Last Updated: Sat, May 15, 2004 11:22 hrs

What happens when 'Bijli' meets 'pani'? Well, you get a shock. With Czech-born supermodel Yana Gupta soaking up coconut water, audiences are certainly in for an electrifying experience.

Gorgeous Gupta, who is gearing up to do yet another item number after her sizzling appearances in 'Dum' and 'Rakth', says 'Nariyal Pani' (Coconut water) and 'Nariyal ki Chatni' (Coconut paste) are the two most important ingredients of her sex appeal.

"I am very fond of 'Nariyal Pani' and it makes a great drink, especially in summers. I make sure I have a glassful at least twice every day. And that's not all. 'Nariyal ki Chatni' is an essential part of my diet, whether lunch or dinner. Coconut has nutrients that enrich me from within and help purify the blood. It's also the secret of my glowing skin and shapely curves. Although I liked the taste right from childhood, it was only after talking to a dietician that I decided to have coconut and coconut derivatives regularly," gushes the 5'8" of pure oomph.

The fruit, says Yana, is nothing short of manna for someone who wants to dance her way into the record books. "It gives me lots of energy for those heavy-duty numbers. Anybody wanting to make a career as a 'item girl' should certainly consume coconut as a matter of habit", she insists.

Yana, brand ambassadress for both cosmetics major Lakme and Dior watches, is a health freak and doesn't compromise with her passion for green vegetables, fruit juices and freshly squeezed tomatoes no matter how busy she is. But above all else, it is the hard-shelled nut with a fibrous husk that she loves to see on her platter. "Even during the recently concluded India Fashion Week in Delhi, I had made it clear that I wanted 'Nariyal pani' everyday," she says.

While others use bump-n-grind routines as a stepping-stone to meatier roles, the hazel-eyed beauty intends sticking to what she does best - turn men hot under the collars.

According to her: "I have no interest in acting per se. I learnt Latino dancing for two years. Therefore when I do item songs in films, I am in my elements. People liked me in 'Rakth' and at present I have a number of good offers in hand. I am also doing item numbers in some South Indian films."

However regardless of where she goes and what she does, her 'nutty' affair is bound to continue. "Maybe if I don't get 'Nariyal Pani', I will look for something else. Thankfully such a situation hasn't arisen till date," she quips.

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